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Extravagant Purchase Puzzle Update

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We have definitely struck a chord with the current Puzzle (see below), with by far the most entries — and the widest range of answers — that we’ve seen before. And as of today, only two of the entries are correct.

For those few of you who are posting the correct answer on Facebook, you do realize that this is a contest, right? This means that the people who figure things out for themselves will have their odds of winning diminished by those who copy your work. So enter, but save the bragging for later, okay?

By way of coaching, I will stress that equal downward force is applied to both tackles. One of them will come in faster, but neither will go slack. Assume a constant load of 1 pound (or whatever else you choose), and go from there. So to review, here is the Puzzle:

Puzzle Contest: Extravagant Purchase

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One Comment

  1. Kristian

    9:1. The space between the blocks, sometimes called the travel, sometimes called the throw is determined by when the block secured to the becket of the uppermost block bottoms out or two blocks onto the lower block.

    March 15, 2018

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