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Get The Right Rigging Supplies Direct From Brion Toss

Brion has been in the rigging business for more than 30 years and in all that time has developed a pretty keen sense of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to rigging gear. You can benefit from his experience by getting your rigging tools, supplies, and instructional items right from the source. Our online store gives you the same access to our inventory as you’d get if you wandered right into our Port Townsend shop.

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One of the crew festooned in glorious gear glory ready to ascend a mast.

Our store carries only the highest quality gear, items that Brion and his crew use themselves every day during the regular course of their work.

And if you’re not already a confident and accomplished rigger, ready to strap on your harness and ascend confidently into the sky? Brion has you covered there, too, with instructional materials he’s either developed himself or personally approves.

Brion’s books and DVDs are some of the most popular and foundational educational materials available in the modern rigging world. “The Complete Rigger’s Apprentice” was called “A masterpiece on the subject of rigging” by Sailing magazine and has been a staple of do-it-yourself cruising and racing sailors for decades.

World cruisers, racers, and day sailors alike can rely on Brion’s years of experience and entertaining writing to provide clear but complete instruction on:

  • Splicing rope and wire
  • Aloft procedures
  • Measuring and calculating loads
  • Evaluating and maintaining rigging on voyages long and short
  • Tools and tricks of the trade

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Are you already past the apprentice stage? Check out the Working Rope series, a deep dive into splicing and knots.

Whatever you need to either learn or practice the art of rigging, you can find it here. All we’re missing in our online store is a faint tang of saltwater and tar. Wait… close your eyes. Can you smell it? So can we!