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Depose the Bowline, Update

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Our search for the best non-Bowline knot has received a gratifying degree of response, and there is still time for you to state your preference. An entry qualifies you to win an autographed copy of Wendy Hinman’s best seller, Sea Trials.

You can read about the rules for the contest Here.

So far, the Figure-8, Zeppelin Bend, Clove Hitch, a variety of Trucker’s Hitches, as well as many other knots all have champions, from a wide array of tyers, afloat and ashore. If one of the knots mentioned is also your favorite, send in your entry anyway; we will be judging the reasoning behind your choice at least as much as the knot itself. Who’s we? A colorful panel, including a TV-star treehouse builder, the author of a book on sailmaking, the head of our local maritime center, and others of discerning taste and/or wide repute, as well as yours truly. We are all ready to be convinced that your knot is the best knot.

Send your colorful, compelling entry to Puzzle The drawing is at noon Pacific Time, Monday, May 14th. The winner will be selected that night, after a long and acrimonious debate over pizza and beer, and announced on Wednesday, May 16th.

If you are looking for some reading, you might enjoy How to Circumcise a Whale, or any other of an increasing number of stories and puzzles in my Blog.

Fair leads,

Brion Tos


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