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First Edition, for Subscribers Only

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Falling, my new book, was intended to be just an e-book, but my spouse Christian loves actual books, so she went out and had a bunch printed up. It was an expensive undertaking, so the price-per-copy ended up at $13, even when sold at a loss. But it turns out she isn’t the only one who prefers actual books, and we have nearly run through that first printing, just from people dropping by the shop.

So here is the deal: I would like to offer my blog subscribers some kind of thanks for your attention and supportive comments over the last year or so that I’ve been doing this, so I am reserving the remaining 30-some copies for you, my subscribers, first come, first served. We will shortly be printing a lot more copies, and more cheaply, but there can only be one first edition/first printing version. Call the shop: 360-385-1080, or email, and we will get your copy out to you. Unlike with the e-book, I can autograph the paper version, so let the shop know who you would like me to dedicate the book to.

If you would like to learn more about Falling, go to, and scroll down the left side a bit. You will also see reviews, and links to both Amazon and Apple books, so you can get the ebook version too, for yourself and as gifts.

One more bit of news, just for subscribers: some time next week, Falling will be out in audiobook version, read by yours truly. To receive notice of when it becomes available, contact the shop, and we will be in touch with you as soon as it happens.

I have been amazed and gratified at the response to this tiny book, and I hope that it will bring you, too, some pleasure.

Fair leads,

Brion Toss